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UK solar power growth fueled by energy price crisis

In the wake of the energy price crisis, solar power deployment is at its fastest since subsidies ended, giving the UK a ray of hope.

There are now more than 15 gigawatts of solar power in the UK, which is more than four times the maximum output of the UK's largest power station. 

The first half of this year saw more generating capacity installed in the UK than the whole of last year, industry data shows.  The enthusiasm for reliable, inexpensive, and carbon-free solar power is driving the deployment of the technology as well as energy bill concerns.

From April to June, 97MW were installed commercially, more than any other quarter since 2019. There was an increase in ground-mounted solar farm capacity of 140MW during Q2 this year, almost a triple over Q2 last year.  It appears that 2022 will set another record for the industry with 200MW connected to the grid so far.

Despite supply chain pressures causing new price hikes, solar has become increasingly attractive as an investment during the energy price crisis.  In the large commercial sector, prices have increased by 10-15% in line with inflation.  Since power prices from the grid have risen by around half since last year, solar has only become more attractive and beneficial.

There is no doubt that the UK is on track to reach what was once seen as the most ambitious goals ever set by the country.

Emtec Energy is proud to be part of the green energy transition, assisting businesses in overcoming rising energy costs and meeting carbon neutral goals by integrating solar PV and battery storage into their operations. 




Source: Solar Energy UK press release