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Let Emtec Energy arrange a cost-free Solar PV system for you today

Whilst Solar PV systems are hugely attractive financially and deliver significant return on investment, there is no getting away from the fact that installing large systems requires a large capital investment.  Not every business we work with has the ability or desire to use large amounts of cash reserve to fund installations and require an alternative.  Fortunately there is a highly attractive option readily available.  

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) allow organisations to have large Solar PV systems to be installed at no up-front cost to themselves.  These PPAs are sometimes described as ‘Private Wire’, ‘On-site’ or Behind the Meter’, and basically mean that a funding partner pays for the system to be installed, retains ownership of it and sells the electricity the system generates to your business, for a rate significantly lower than that which you pay your energy supplier.  These arrangements generally last for 15-25 Years with opportunities for the energy user to take full ownership along the way.

Another key benefit of the PPA model is having an experienced and knowledgeable energy partner in control of your system, ensuring it is maintained, fully operation and capable of supplying you with cheap, green electricity.  To find out if a PPA will work for your business, get in touch with a member of our experience team today:


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