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Emtec Energy deliver a turnkey EPC service to Business Owners, Local Authorities, Developers and Energy Companies across Roof Mounted, Ground Mounted and Car Port Solar PV as well as complimentary technologies Such as Battery Storage and EV Charging.


What information should I pull together to kick a project off?

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Before we start working on a proposal for your site we will request a large suite of information including 12 months' Half Hourly electricity meter data, Electricity Pricing information, Electrical schemtatics, as built construction drawings, ownership boundaries and other site specific information.

How big a system can I install?

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There are 3 mains things to consider when planning the size of a commercial Behind-The-Meter Solar PV System - How much electricity do I need? How much space do I have? How big is my electricity supply? All of these will influence how large a system you should aim to install and Emtec Energy will work with you to engineer the most cost effective solution.

Can I install on the ground?

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Yes Ground mounted PV systems are very popular. These tend to be more expensive than roof mounted commercial PV projects and are more cost-effective when installed at a larger scale. Installation costs for ground mounted commercial Solar PV systems can vary greatly depending on the ground fixing solution, civil works requirements and distance from connection point.

Is my roof suitable?

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There is almost always a solution for fixing PV modules to a roof, though some roofs are more efficient and cost effective than others. Metal sheet roos with a trapezoidal or box profile are by far the most cost effective and quick to install on. Flat and Standing Seam roofs are also very common for mounting on, other roof types tend to be less common with more expensive mounting systems.

Does Emtec Energy Install any size of system?

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Generally, the smallest project we would work on would be 100kWp of Solar PV, which equates to around 240 individual PV modules which would require in the region of 550 square metres of clear roof space. There is no upper limit of project size that we would work on and we would encourage you to contact a member of our team directly to discuss your project.

How long will my project take?

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The timescales of a Solar PV project vary depending on the scope and scale, however the pre-construction phase, including Grid Connection & Planning, will often take upwards of 20 Weeks.

Do I need a Grid Connection?

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Yes. There is a common misconception that because you do not intend to export to the grid you do not need permission to install renewable energy generation. If you connect a commercial Solar PV system to your site's network you are, in turn, connecting it to the Grid. Before you can do this you need to receive, accept and pay for a G99 Connection Offer from your DNO. Emtec Energy will carry out all necessary applications and liaison on your behalf to ensure your project has the best possible chance of securing a Grid Connection

How much will my Grid Connection Cost?

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It is impossible to know for certain without going through the formal G99 Process, however if no upgrade works or Statements of Works are required then the G99 cost should be <£1,000 (Excl. VAT).

Should I install batteries as well as solar?

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The effectiveness of batteries will very much depend of the size of PV system you intend to install and how much 'spare' or exported generation will be coming from the system. Emtec Energy's experienced Engineers will work with you to gather the relevant data and advise whether there is a business case for adding battery storage to yoru Solar PV System.

Do I need Planning Permission?

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Effectively all ground mounted Solar PV Systems will require Full Planning Permission. In England & Wales, roof mounted Solar PV Projects up to 1MWp fall under Permitted Development, though full Planning Permission may still be required in certain areas. In Scotland, at the time of writing, commercial roof mounted Solar PV projects of up to 50kWp fall under Permitted Development Rights, however, it is expected that by Summer 2024 these Permitted Development rights will have been brought up to at least 1MWp. To discuss the specific requirements of your project please contact a member of our team.

How long will the system last?

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The Solar PV modules that Emtec Energy will install for you will come with a 25 Year Performance Warranty, which is generally seen across the industry as the minimum useful life of the system, though it may well operate efficiently for much longer. It is likely that within this 25 Year period that the inverter system will require to be replaced, standard warranties for inverters range from 5-12 Years depending on the manufacturer.

Can I sell my Excess Power?

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Yes, if the design modelling shows that there will be surplus generation from your system that you are not able to utilise due to your load profile, you can sell this power (assuming your grid connection agreement allows for export). To be able to enter in to an Export Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or 'Offtaker Agreement' you will need an Export MPAN and and Export Meter, which will be arranged through your Energy Supplier. Emtec Energy do not deal with this element of Solar PV projects however will be able to guide you through the process.


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