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UK Warehouses Power Up: 25GWp Rooftop Solar Surge

The UK Warehousing sector is set to take the lead in the race to Net Zero

As recent research suggests warehousing roof space could accommodate in excess of 25GWp of Solar PV Capacity, which would meet over 35% of the UK Government’s 2035 Solar Deployment target. Emtec Energy stands ready to support the industry with this deployment by providing a full Engineering, Procurement & Construction service throughout the UK

Warehouses are no longer seen as static storage space, but as potential energy centres with the ability to become significant resources through the adoption of solar PV and cutting-edge battery storage solutions.  Utilising Warehouse roofs for Solar PV deployment makes sense on many levels, not least in reducing the amount of agricultural land being turned over to renewable energy production.  

For over 10 years Emtec Energy has supported clients across a number of sectors to reduce their energy bills and create additional revenue streams via the deployment of Solar PV and we look forward to working with the Warehousing Sector to reduce costs, increase resilience, and lower carbon footprints.  If your organisation would like to know how to best take advantage of your building’s assets, contact our experienced team for an initial consultation.  


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