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Solar Car Parks to support the electrification of transport

Electric Vehicle (EV) Car Ports, sometimes referred to as Solar Car Parks, combine several technologies in one solution to support clients in meeting ther Net Zero goals.  Car Ports are generally ustilised in situations where there are no suitable roofs or land spaces available for Solar installation, however there is significant car parking space and a requirement for renewable electricity.  It is common to combine EV charging infrastructure and also battery storage in to the design of the Car Port structures to facilitate decarbonised EV charging for the client's employees or visitors.  Whilst Car Port systems are often seen as an expensive solution when compared with other technologies they deliver several key benefits to the client, not least clearly defined and modular EV charging infrastructure and obvious 'Green Credentials'

Make your parking arrangements greener with EV Car Ports

Not all organisations have the advantage of large roof spaces or tracts of unused land on which to deploy Solar PV systems - Car Ports are the solution which will enable the deployment of a Behind-the-Meter Solar PV system in these situations.  By utilising these structures within your organisations fleet carbon reduction strategy and combining with complimentary technologies you will have developed a valuable system which ticks lots of boxes on your decarbonisation check list  

Why Invest?

Increase on-site energy generation
Powers electric vehicles on-site
Develop a new revenue stream
Increased sustainability credentials
Cost-effective energy source
Improve your car park
Provides protection for cars
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Our Process

01 Pre-construction
Initial feasibility
Design & Analysis
Grid connection application
Planning application
Client presentation
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02 Construction
SHEQ Overview
Site Established
Material Delivery
Installation & Commisioning
03 Post Construction
Client Handover & Training
Transfer Monitoring Capability
Ongoing Operations


What are Solar Car Ports?

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Commercial Solar Car Ports, sometimes called EV (Electric Vehicle) Carports are large structures which are installed over your site's car park and inturn have solar panels mounted on top of them. Often these structures also incorporate EV charging and batter storage capability to make best use of the system's generation.

Is a Solar Car Port right for me?

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Solar Car Ports (EV Carports)tend to be expensive installations and are generally utilised when there is limited suitable roof space or clear land. The suitability of Car Ports very much depends on the nature of the site and the electricity demand profile

Will I lose parking space if I install Electric Vehice Car Ports?

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A well designed Solar / EV Car Port will make best use of the space you have available and minimise the impact on your operations. It is unlikely you would need to lose any car parking space but this will depend on the configuration of your site.

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