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Increase your independence with Battery Storage

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are fast becoming a must have compliment to on-site generation.  These large battery banks store excess generation from your Solar PV array that can be used later, when the sun isn't shining.  Modern, intelligent battery systems can control when they charge & discharge to ensure you receive the maximum financial benefit from the asset.  Battery systems can also act as solutions to deployment barriers such as Grid Connection Capacity by spreading the use of generation over a longer period of time.

Make the most of your site generation

Battery Storage can be the answer to a lot of questions that might be asked about a Solar PV system - What happens to the generation we don't use? I operate 24 hours, how do I benefit when the sun goes down?  These systems will not work in every situation and our experienced Sales Engineering team will advise quickly on whether they feel this technology is right for you.  Consult with them today to progress your Renewable Energy journey.

Why Invest?

Store excess solar power
Reduces energy bills
Increased control
Long life span
Environmental benefits
Increased energy independence
High ROI
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Our Process

01 Pre-construction
Initial feasibility
Design & Analysis
Grid connection application
Planning application
Client presentation
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02 Construction
SHEQ Overview
Site Established
Material Delivery
Installation & Commisioning
03 Post Construction
Client Handover & Training
Transfer Monitoring Capability
Ongoing Operations


Should I install batteries as well as solar?

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The effectiveness of batteries will very much depend of the size of PV system you intend to install and how much 'spare' or exported generation will be coming from the system. Emtec Energy's experienced Engineers will work with you to gather the relevant data and advise whether there is a business case for adding battery storage to yoru Solar PV System.

Does Battery Storage work with Solar?

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Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) work very well when combined with Solar PV in the right circumstances. The power and storage capacity of the battery must be considered carefully when planning the project to ensure the most attractive return possible

Do Batteries require a Grid Connection?

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Commercial Battery Storage Systems will almost always require a full grid connection application, which follows the same process & timescales as for a Solar PV system. This must be considered carefully when planning a combined Solar & Storage project.

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