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Broxden Low Carbon Transport Hub

A Glimpse into the Broxden Low Carbon Transport Hub

Exploring the Broxden Low Carbon Transport Hub, led by both Emtec Energy's Paul Hogan and Arcadis' Paul Maitland, offers insight into a sustainable urban mobility future for Perth High School students. This visit educates and inspires young minds, guiding them toward careers in the renewable energy sector, and highlighting diverse roles and skills needed for innovative projects like the hub.

Emtec Energy's partnership with Perth and Kinross Council for the Broxden Hub signifies a commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting eco-conscious transportation solutions.

Located in Perth and Kinross, the Broxden hub showcases urban planning and sustainable infrastructure. Key features include integrated multimodal connectivity, renewable energy utilisation, smart technologies, and community engagement initiatives.

The Broxden Hub's Influence:

Carbon Emission Reduction: By championing low carbon and electric transportation, this hub contributes to curbing carbon emissions, fostering cleaner air and a more robust environment.

Urban Planning Catalyst: The hub's design inspires urban planning that champions sustainability, igniting a movement towards ecologically sensitive urban growth.

Economic Growth: The investment in low carbon transport benefits local economies, creating job opportunities, technological advancements, and tourism growth.

In essence, the Broxden Low Carbon Transport Hub tour showcases green innovation and sustainability. Emtec Energy's commitment benefits education and the community, driving positive change for the next generation and a greener world.


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