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Hydro Energy Project for Scottish Water Begins

Emtec Energy Begins £3 Million Green Hydro Energy Project with Scottish Water

Emtec Energy is thrilled to announce the commencement of a pioneering hydro energy project at Whiteadder Reservoir in East Lothian, Scotland, designed to produce green energy and offset consumption at a nearby Scottish Water Asset. This groundbreaking scheme, hailed as the first of its kind in Europe, leverages hydro power through a siphon , allowing Scottish Water to generate clean power while adeptly managing reservoir water levels amid changing seasonal conditions, all whilst minimising construction related carbon emissions . With a £3 million investment, the siphon technology will draw water from Reservoir  via the intake, guide it over the dam, through a hydro turbine, and back to the natural environment. The generated electricity will offset 30% of the nearby Hungry Snout Pumping Stations energy usage, which feeds  Castle Moffat Water Treatment Works, the primary source for East Lothians water.

Neil Beaumont, Hydro Energy Senior Project Manager at Scottish Water Horizons, emphasises the project's unique nature and the essential role of the intelligent controls and sensors in ensuring responsible water resource management under diverse climatic conditions. The initiative is expected to significantly slash carbon emissions from the pumping station, saving approximately 111 tonnes of carbon annually, equivalent to around 40 flights of a passenger jet between Edinburgh and Sydney, Australia. Furthermore, the project is poised to yield 0.82GWh of renewable energy each year through its 199kW turbine.

Gordon Reid, Scottish Water General Manager Net Zero, highlights the importance of such innovative projects in Scottish Water's dedication to sustainable practices and its ambitious goal of achieving net zero total emissions by 2040, with net zero operational emissions set for 2030.

Emtec Energy takes immense pride in its contribution to the Whiteadder hydro scheme, recognising this project as a significant stride in our commitment to greener energy production and a reduced carbon footprint in both the local water supply and Scotland's grid.


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