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Get the biggest benefit from your Solar PV Array

Operating and maintaining a Solar PV array doesn't need to be complicated or confusing.  Consult with Emtec Energy to find out how our highly experienced teams can ensure your asset is operating at maximum efficiency and returning the biggest possible benefit to your business

Ensure your Solar PV array is working for you

We recognise the significant investment our clients make in establishing on-site renewable energy generation and understand how important it is that these assets operate at maximum efficiency.  By having an Operations & Maintenance contract in place with Emtec Energy you will have confidence that payback periods and planned investment returns will be satisfied by the system's performance. 

Why Invest?

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Our Process

01 Pre-construction
Initial feasibility
Design & Analysis
Grid connection application
Planning application
Client presentation
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02 Construction
SHEQ Overview
Site Established
Material Delivery
Installation & Commisioning
03 Post Construction
Client Handover & Training
Transfer Monitoring Capability
Ongoing Operations


Do I need to maintain my commercial Solar PV System?

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As with any operational asset it is advisable to have a Planned Maintenance procedure in place for Your Solar PV System. This will ensure the system is operating as efficiently as possible, identify opportunities for improvement quickly and ultimately extend the useful life of the system. Thanks to Emtec Energy's experience of working on thousands of Commercial Solar PV projects we can design & deliver a maintenance program which best meets your needs

Is Maintaining a Solar PV system expensive?

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The cost of maintaining a Solar PV system depends on 3 key factors; 1. The Size of the System 2. The Level of Maintenance service required 3. How accessible the PV Module array is. Every site is unique in this respect and we would encourage you to get in touch with our experienced team for a site specific quotation.

How is a Solar PV System maintained?

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The maintenance program for a Solar PV system is normally specific to the site but as a general rule will include Inverter Checking, string testing, visual array inspection, mounting system stability test and module cleaning as required.

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