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Engineering the future of Solar

Emtec Energy was founded in 2011 as part of the Emtec Group, originally delivering bespoke Design & Build services to the new-build constructions sector and large frameworks for local authorities. Since then we have grown to employ over 40 Solar PV specialists with a client base varying across Scotish Whisky Distilling, Petrochemical Retail, Food Production, Furntiture Manufacturing, Agriculture and many others.

Meet The Team

Chris Clark
Managing Director
Meet Chris, the Director of Emtec Energy with 25+ years of engineering experience in the industry. As the founder of Emtec Energy, he has transformed the company into one of Scotland's largest providers of sustainable solutions. Chris is a visionary leader, known for his innovative solutions that drive growth and improve sustainability.
Paul Hogan
Operations Director
Paul is our sustainable energy expert who delivers cost-effective solutions and manages projects seamlessly. His analytical approach and focus on understanding client needs benefit our clients greatly. As the lead for preconstruction tasks, from design to procurement to scheduling, Paul ensures everything runs smoothly.
John Simpson
Bid Manager
John is our experienced bid manager with a proven track record of success. He excels at developing winning proposals that meet client needs and drive business growth. With exceptional project management skills and attention to detail, John oversees every aspect of the bidding process from inception to submission. He is committed to delivering high-quality bids on time, resulting in successful outcomes for our company and clients.
Andrew Thomson
Design Manager
Andrew is a skilled engineer who leads our design department to develop cutting-edge solutions using the latest technologies to set new standards. He drives his team to deliver dynamic solutions that optimise energy efficiency and support continuous improvement, earning the trust of clients with his outstanding reputation for achieving results.
Stephanie McCartney
Marketing Manager
Stephanie is Emtec's creative digital expert, responsible for creating captivating videos, blogs, and graphics, as well as managing various channels and platforms to build strong relationships with our audience. As the driving force behind Emtec Energy's marketing strategy, she builds brand awareness and drives impact.
Gary Bell
Business Development Manager
With a proven track record in the renewable energy sector, our experienced Business Development Manager prides himself on providing our customers with industry knowledge and an exceptional client experience. Gary Bell's consultative method and emphasis on establishing trust have resulted in outstanding long term relationships with both potential & existing clients.

Emtec Energy is an award winning Solar PV Engineering, Procurement & Construction specialist with over 12 Years’ experience across sectors including Brewing & Distilling, Agriculture, Petrochemical and Manufacturing. We develop solutions that save our clients money and reduce their carbon footprint and are proud to be working with globally recognised brands on their de-carbonisation strategies. Our greatest strength is our people and our industry leading engineers look forward to working with you to develop your next renewable energy project.

Vision & Values

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Get it right first time

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We take pride in our work and strive to “Get it right the first time, every time”. Our passion and enthusiasm for service excellence ensure that we will go the “extra mile” to try and surpass your expectations and deliver consistent first class customer service.

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Making it happen

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We are always motivated to provide our customers with the best possible experience. We will consistently seek out the most innovative, productive and sustainable solution to every challenge we encounter. Looking out for each other and working with customers and suppliers to share risks and rewards.

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team work

We stand together

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We value our team, our culture, and our reputation. Our organisational ethos ensures that our customers will be treated with respect, courtesy and the highest level of professionalism at all times, in a collaborative and non-confrontational approach. We will take ownership of our responsibilities, and deal with all issues in a safe and sustainable manner that protects and promotes the health and well-being of all.

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Turning ideas into action

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You can trust us to deliver the most cost-effective and appropriate service solution at all times, whilst respecting our social and physical environments. Challenging what we do and welcoming ideas and learning from others to give us the competitive edge that benefits our customers and suppliers.

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customer focused

Customers at the heart of everything we do

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Above all, we value customer loyalty. As such we will make every effort to understand our customers’ needs and key drivers, to allow us to develop long-term relationships that provide our customers with the level of intimacy that they require to support their success.


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