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Find the right funding partner for your business

We understand that our clients have many demands on their time and budget, and that self-funding a Solar PV installation is not always an option.  With that in mind Emtec Energy have identified key Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) funding partners which we can introduce to your organisation.  These funders offer what are commonly known as 'Private Wire' or 'Behind-the-Meter' PPAs, which mean you can have a system installed by highly reputable, fully qualified partners at no up front cost to your business.  To find out about our funding partners and how your organisation can benefit from their services, consult with a member of our experienced team today.

The right partner for the right project

Every project is different, as is every business.  With that in mind we work with different funders who have specialist knowledge in different technologies and have different investment criteria so that, no matter the scale of your project, we know the best funding organisation for you to partner with. 

Why Invest?

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Our Process

01 Pre-construction
Initial feasibility
Design & Analysis
Grid connection application
Planning application
Client presentation
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02 Construction
SHEQ Overview
Site Established
Material Delivery
Installation & Commisioning
03 Post Construction
Client Handover & Training
Transfer Monitoring Capability
Ongoing Operations


Can my system be funded by someone else?

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Yes, there is the potential that your system could be funded via a Private Wire Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or Lease. These work by a funding partner paying for the system to be installed and either selling the generation to you at a pre-agreed rate or by charging a fixed monthly lease payment. Emtec Energy work with a number of Funding partners to ensure we can introduce you to the right funder for your project.

Do I need to pay for my Solar PV Array array all at once?

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There are many different funding models for Commercial & Industrial Solar PV systems including Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), Leasing, Asset Finance, etc. Thanks to our experience and industry relationships we can recommend the most suitable model for any organisation's budget.

Is there grant funding available for Commercial & Industrial Solar PV?

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There is little in the way of grant funding available for Commercial Solar PV systems - largely because the paybacks and Returns on Investment are so good. For SMEs there may be access to interest free loans and individual Local Authorities may have funds to support Solar projects on a case by case basis.

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