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Hydropower Project Achieves Major Milestones

Construction on Scottish Water’s Siphon-Fed Hydropower scheme by Emtec Energy Reaches Key Milestones

Emtec Energy is excited to share significant progress updates on a groundbreaking siphon-fed hydropower project in East Lothian, spearheaded by Scottish Water Horizons, the public utility’s commercial subsidiary. The diligent efforts of our hardworking team have propelled the project forward, with notable achievements in the laying of the main pipeline and the construction of the tail race into the reservoir's stilling pool.

Our contract installation team, driven by a commitment to excellence, is currently in the process of forming the concrete base for the revolutionary siphon fed hydro turbine, set to be a benchmark for others to follow.

Despite facing challenging weather conditions, the dedicated crew at Emtec Energy has shown resilience and determination in overcoming obstacles. Their unwavering efforts are a testament to our commitment to delivering sustainable energy solutions.

Comments from the Contract Installation Team:

"This project marks a significant first step for Scottish Water in pioneering their novel hydropower technology. Our team takes great pride in being at the forefront of this pioneering initiative, and we are confident that its positive environmental impact will be enduring." Stuart Black, Project Manager

"The construction of the tail race into the reservoir's stilling pool posed complex challenges, but our team's technical expertise and collaborative spirit enabled us to navigate these complexities successfully. We're excited to see how this hydro power project will make a big positive impact.” Scott Watson, Site Supervisor

Once operational, the hydropower turbine is projected to offset an impressive 30% of the local pumping station's power consumption, resulting in an annual reduction of 111 tonnes of carbon emissions. This achievement aligns with Emtec Energy's commitment to helping customers with their sustainable practices and the global effort to combat climate change.


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