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Grid Restrictions

Move Quickly before Grid Restrictions Tighten

In recent years grid capacity has become by far the most critical factor in determining the feasibility of an on-site renewable energy project.  The process sounds simple enough – you apply for a G99 offer, you get it, you accept it, you pay for it and you connect the generation.  Unfortunately, it has become significantly more complicated than that.

The DNOs (Distribution Network Operators), who facilitate the G99 process in their local area, have to consider a multitude of factors when assessing a G99 request; fault levels, thermal faults, voltage rise, planned upgrade works and other generators on the line to name just some.  Due to the constraints that exist on the network and the huge demand for on-site generation, we are regularly seeing connection offers with connection dates as far out as the 2030’s, which is clearly of no use to your organisation if you are trying to save money right now.  

Emtec Energy have over a decade’s experience of negotiating with DNOs to ensure the most attractive offer possible for our clients and are in an excellent position to advise you on the complexities, challenges and geographical inequalities in connecting to the grid.  Get in touch with a member of our experienced team today to find out we can help:


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