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Grid Connection Capacity

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Secure your project's access to Grid Capacity

Grid Capacity Agreements, or G99s are a vital component in the pre-construction approval process for your Solar PV system.  Even if your system is designed to be wholly consumed on site with zero export, G99 approval must be granted by the relevant DNO (Distribution Network Operator) prior to your system being connected.  This process can take upwards of 3 months and unfortunately there is always a possibility that projects will fail to gain permission to be installed.  Emtec Energy do not offer Grid Connection consultancy as a stand alone service however we ensure that before our projects proceed to the installation phase that we have secured capacity on the client's behalf.

Trust Emtec Energy to secure your grid capacity

Emtec Energy realised early on how Grid Capacity would become a major challenge to the deployment of Renewable Energy and as such have developed a significant level of experience and skill in negotiating with the DNOs on behalf of our clients to give their projects the best chance of securing an affordable connection.  To find out how we can help move your project to the next stage get in touch with our team today.  

Why Invest?

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Our Process

01 Pre-construction
Initial feasibility
Design & Analysis
Grid connection application
Planning application
Client presentation
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02 Construction
SHEQ Overview
Site Established
Material Delivery
Installation & Commisioning
03 Post Construction
Client Handover & Training
Transfer Monitoring Capability
Ongoing Operations


Do I need a Grid Connection?

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Yes. There is a common misconception that because you do not intend to export to the grid you do not need permission to install renewable energy generation. If you connect a commercial Solar PV system to your site's network you are, in turn, connecting it to the Grid. Before you can do this you need to receive, accept and pay for a G99 Connection Offer from your DNO. Emtec Energy will carry out all necessary applications and liaison on your behalf to ensure your project has the best possible chance of securing a Grid Connection

How much will my Grid Connection Cost?

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It is impossible to know for certain without going through the formal G99 Process, however if no upgrade works or Statements of Works are required then the G99 cost should be <£1,000 (Excl. VAT).

Can I sell my Excess Power?

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Yes, if the design modelling shows that there will be surplus generation from your system that you are not able to utilise due to your load profile, you can sell this power (assuming your grid connection agreement allows for export). To be able to enter in to an Export Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or 'Offtaker Agreement' you will need an Export MPAN and and Export Meter, which will be arranged through your Energy Supplier. Emtec Energy do not deal with this element of Solar PV projects however will be able to guide you through the process.

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