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The solar roof market has grown at its fastest rate since 2015

The year 2021 may very well have been the most significant ever for the UK solar industry, with each of the three major market segments - rooftop, commercial and ground-mounted - seeing stable, subsidy-free growth. A total of 730MW of solar PV capacity was installed in the UK in 2021, a 36% increase from 2020.

Solar offers clean, affordable energy that reduces reliance on unreliable fossil fuels, which is reflected in business, investor and homeowner confidence.

The clean, affordable energy produced through solar is viewed with confidence by businesses and investors because it allows them to reduce their dependency on unreliable fossil fuels.

Solar's massive growth is an indication of its ability to help the UK economy recover from Covid.



As evidence of rooftops' strength, 369MW of onsite solar capacity was installed in 2021 - the highest amount in six years. Despite the higher figure, there were significant subsidies available in 2015, while new rooftop installations are now subsidy-free.

In the face of high gas prices, commercial buyers have turned to solar power as a way to protect themselves against the volatility of relying on fossil fuels to generate electricity. Rather than buying power from a utility, they produce their own - lowering costs and providing greater predictability for their operations.

Recently an organisation contacted Emtec Energy to request a solar PV design for their site, after being advised their current electricity costs were rising from £0.138 p/kWh to £0.302 p/kWh.

As a high-energy user now faced with a staggering 131% rise in their electricity costs, they will now have an additional £922k increase to their annual electricity bill.  By designing a bespoke rooftop solar PV system for their buildings, we have shown how they can offset that increase by almost 25%, saving them £221k p/year.

If your business is expecting similar increases in energy costs, contact Emtec Energy for a free desktop assessment and find out how much solar PV can reduce costs.

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