Glenochil Prison Ground Mounted Solar PV Installation
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STA Scotland Secures Better Grid Access on Majority of Commercial Building & Housing Developments

Solar installations up to 200kW in size will fi nd it easier to connect to the grid in Scotland as of the 1st of April 2018. The breakthrough comes thanks to SPEN agreeing to relax restrictions on solar after STA Scotland lobbied them to analyse several case study connections which, after further calculations showed modest network impact in practice.

Emtec Energy’s Managing Director Chris Clark who is the Chair of STA Scotland commented, “This is a breakthrough for solar in much of Scotland and it goes a long way towards removing one of several barriers to Scotland realising its solar potential.  As a result of SPEN taking a sensible approach to rooftop schemes, businesses and housing developers in Scotland will find it easier & cheaper to go solar. Developers, consultants and architects can now look again at solar as a solution to making their buildings more efficient.”