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Rising Energy Prices hit a record high

Energy costs in the UK have surpassed their highest levels ever, resulting in a growing concern for businesses.


Last month, Electricity prices in the UK reached their highest ever level since records began. An extended, cold Winter in 20/21, significant global demand for LNG and a calm summer with low wind speeds are all factors which have led to the significant increase in price. We are hearing from clients across all sectors from all over the UK that are experience the significant, negative impacts of the cost increases, from Dairy Farmers in Ayrshire to Oil & Gas Service providers in Aberdeen.


Regardless of the location, sector or level of price increase, one thing remains consistent – an on-site, private wire Solar PV system of one of the most cost-effective and reliable ways to protect your business against future price increases. Solar PV system we have recently installed for client have reduced their reliance on the grid by as much as 55%, giving them a huge advantage in a volatile electricity market.



Whether you have a large metal roof, a small flat roof, or an area of land available, there will be a Solar PV solution for your business. To find out how it would work, how much it will cost and what the financial benefits will be, get in touch with our experienced team today:

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