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It's time for Holyrood to back Scottish Solar

The solar resource in Scotland is vast, yet underutilized. Since solar power does not have a nationwide installation target for 2030, the Scottish Solar Industry needs government support.


The Scottish Solar Industry wants the government to take action to ensure Scotland contributes its "fair share" of solar energy in the UK. Solar Energy Scotland outlined new policy actions that would result in thousands of new jobs and low-cost energy. The trade body has called for the government to set a clear minimum target of 4GW of solar capacity installed by 2030, with an ambition for 6GW. Currently there is only 380MW of Solar installed in Scotland installed today, a fraction of our capacity.

The Scottish Government has already established targets for onshore wind of 8-12GW, and offshore wind of 11GW, however no target has been set for solar. Scotland needs specific policy interventions to level the playing field with the rest of the UK, according to Solar Energy Scotland.

You can read more about the Solar Energy UK report here: