Broom Court Energy Storage Installation
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Out with the old and in with the new

Solar PV and Battery Storage installations begin at Blackwood Care Homes


It's really nice to see the team removing the old diesel generator and replacing it with the backup battery storage solution. Hopefully we will see much more of these projects in the years to come. This particular installation is taking place at Broom Court, part of Blackwood Care Home's initiative to reduce residents high energy demand with more energy efficient measures.

We will also be installing a 111kW solar PV array across the roof of Broom Court Care Home. This will generate energy during the day and store any excess power in the 128kW battery storage bank, so the stored solar energy can also be utilised at night. This will allow renewable energy to be utilised 24 hours a day, further reducing demand on the grid.

Blackwood have also decided to include LED lights and an electric vehicle (EV) charging station within the project. The LED lights will replace existing communal lighting around the care home campus. This will help Broom Court become more energy efficient as less energy will be required to light the buildings, and any energy that is required can be sourced from the solar array. The EV chargers will hopefully increase the uptake of electric vehicles, which can be charged on site using energy reserved in the battery storage bank. 

Altogether, this setup will greatly reduce Blackwoods reliance on the grid, providing huge savings in energy bills for many years to come.

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