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2021 Wrap Up

Christmas is just around the corner, and we're looking forward to a well-deserved break and eating way too many

mince pies. Following another record-breaking year, we're heading into 2022 on a high note,

with plenty to celebrate and be grateful for.  


This year we’ve helped hundreds of businesses and Local Authorities from all over the UK continue their journey to become net-zero, by supporting their project needs: Help with funding, Hassle-free installation, Long-term partnership & Smart software solutions. We have continued to deliver exciting and innovative projects with bespoke design, supply, and installation services to many new sectors who are adopting and utilizing renewable energy solutions.  



2021 was another record year for renewable energy despite the Covid-19 pandemic, rising material costs, and the highest energy prices ever recorded. Many factors are driving the rapid growth of the renewable energy industry this year, which is welcome but long overdue. 


Glasgow COP26 played a crucial role, particularly in the fight to achieve net-zero and the 1.5C target. Even though it was considered 'the last best hope', the renewable energy industry is experiencing exponential growth, breathing fresh hope to global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and climate change effects.


The UK Treasury announced that financial institutions and listed companies would be required to publish net zero plans to combat greenwashing and increase transparency, making a strong case for companies to adopt renewable technologies and sustainable methods.


Solar and other renewable technologies are continuing to play a vital role in combating rising energy prices. They serve as a valuable and highly visible demonstration of your business' commitment to the environment by reducing carbon emissions.


Despite many challenges, Emtec Energy ended the year with a positive note as we celebrate our team's growth and our journey together in this emerging market that is now leading the way for future generations. 


We expanded our team, almost doubling in size as the Renewables Industry is exploding with new and exciting talent and opportunities.

 Our new employees bring fresh and transferable skills to the renewable workforce, emphasizing the importance of a skilled workforce as this emerging sector develops.


In appreciation, we want to thank all our fantastic employees for their hard work and commitment this year. We really appreciate all those who go above and beyond to be excellent!


In addition, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all our contractors across our various sites and offices for their hard work and support this year.   


Next year is set to be another record breaker for Emtec Energy in the supply and delivery of renewable energy solutions.


 With many projects beginning early in the new year and a prospect list that has grown beyond our expectations, we gratefully hold a leading position in the industry.


Our team is excited to enter the new year working with our clients old and new on finding the right green solution for their future.


Our team at Emtec Energy wishes each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a successful 2022!