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10 Year Anniversary

We made it! We celebrated our 10-year anniversary at the weekend and it has certainly been an adventure! When I think back to day one, as employee number one with no previous experience of renewables as such, to what the business looks like now, all I can feel is immense pride. Our very first installations were on a property belonging to an Emtec employee and a Solar Thermal job on my own house. It has certainly had its ups and downs over the decade but with the pipeline of projects we have in development and the potential growth the industry still has, the journey is far from over!

My sincere thanks go out to everyone who has helped us along the way, especially Emtec Group for their support, backing and trust in what we are trying to achieve long term!
Our colleagues and peers from the industry also deserve recognition for working tirelessly to try and progress with net zero and to overcome the many barriers that still exist.
More importantly, I would like to thank our current staff and all those who have worked with us in the past. We have a fantastic team at present and with a forecast to double growth year on year over the next 3 years, there will be challenges, but with that, comes huge opportunity!

It is certainly not an easy industry to operate in, with many external factors that most businesses don’t have to contend with! It is however an emerging sector, with huge growth potential and opportunity to really make a difference

So Happy Birthday Emtec Energy, thanks for everything…… looking forward to the road ahead, we are just getting started!

Chris Clark, Director