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Stafflar Farm Kilmarnock

 Stafflar Farm, located in Kilmarnock, is a 650 acre dairy farm which milks more than 200 cows and relies heavily on electricity to run its compressors, refrigerators, water pumps, and ventilation systems.

In order to reduce grid electricity costs, the farm owner commissioned Emtec Energy to develop and install a solar PV system that would meet as much of his farm’s electricity needs as possible.

Emtec Energy designed the system, secured Planning Permission, arranged an increase to the site electricity supply, procured all materials and installed & commissioned the system.  The 94.06kWp solar PV system is projected to generate over 91,000kWh per annum, while reducing carbon emissions by 19,952kg each year based on their location and site modelling.  The farm benefits from becoming more independent from the grid, as well as reducing their carbon footprint and significantly reducing the energy costs that are involved in operating and maintaining their dairy.

Project Summary