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Parson’s Depot

Total System Size:
410kWp + Battery Storage (500kW/2052kWh)

Annual Generation:

PV Modules:
1025 Trina Solar 400w Modules

3 Solis Inverters

Carbon Offset Value (annual):

Emtec Energy Helps Parson’s Depot Power EV Charging Stations with Solar & BESS

Emtec Energy helped Sunderland City Council achieve its sustainability goals by installing a solar PV system and battery storage at the new Parsons Depot. The facility was designed to serve as an EV fleet storage and maintenance hub for the council, with a focus on reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable energy. Emtec Energy worked closely with the council to install a 410kWp solar PV array, consisting of 1025 high-performance solar PV modules connected to 3 inverters, and a 500kW/2,052kWh battery storage system equipped with cutting-edge lithium-ion batteries.

The installation is expected to produce significant environmental and economic benefits for the council, helping it achieve its aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2040. In addition to reducing operating costs and contributing to financial sustainability, the use of sustainable energy sources will provide a new strategic asset for essential services such as fleet management, highways operations, refuse collection, horticultural services, and seasonal road gritting.


Sunderland City Council


EV Fleet storage and maintenance





Environmental Impact

Tree icon
10,424 trees
Carbon reduction equivalent to planting 10,424 trees grown for 10 years
Co2 cloud icon
Carbon Offset Value 171,928kg
Mobile phone icon
76.6 million
Equivalent of 76.6 million fully charged smartphones

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