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Smith Anderson

Total System Size:

Annual Generation:

PV Modules:
1915 Trina 420w Modules

14 SolarEdge Inverters

Carbon Offset Value (annual):

Smith Anderson’s Solar-Powered Future is in the Bag

In a progressive move towards sustainability, Smith Anderson, the UK's leading paper bag manufacturer, partnered with Emtec Energy to transition to renewable energy. The collaborative effort focused on the installation of a sizeable roof-mounted solar PV system across three roofs at Smith Anderson's custom-built facility in Kirkcaldy. Emtec Energy's meticulous approach, including site surveys and the utilisation of 1915 solar PV modules and 14 SolarEdge inverters, resulted in an annual green energy production of 669,622 kWh. This initiative not only enhances Smith Anderson's energy independence and financial resilience but also significantly offsets 314,475 kg of carbon emissions annually, showcasing the environmental commitment of both companies.

The successful implementation of this solar project underscores the feasibility and benefits of embracing renewable energy solutions in manufacturing operations. Smith Anderson's proactive approach not only positions them as an industry leader committed to sustainable practices but also serves as an inspiring model for companies seeking to integrate green initiatives into their operations. This case study highlights the tangible positive impact of strategic partnerships in fostering a greener and more sustainable future for businesses and the environment alike.

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Smith Anderson





“Smith Anderson Group Ltd nominated Emtec as our solar partner as it was clear that they had a proven record of accomplishment for delivering projects to a very high standard and we were not disappointed.  We did have an unforeseen complication before the installation commenced which caused a delay but with Emtec’s support and considerable expertise, a solution was soon identified that allowed the project to move forward positively.  The project was managed very professionally and extremely collaboratively with the result being that we had absolutely no unplanned disruptions to our 24hr 7 days a week site operation, which was impressive.  Progress updates were provided regularly and support was always available when needed.  We are extremely pleased with the result and would highly recommend Emtec as a solar business partner."

Craig Hemmings, Head of Procurement, Smith Anderson Group Ltd



Environmental Impact

Tree icon
5,200 Trees
Carbon reduction equivalent to planting 5,200 trees grown for 10 years
Co2 cloud icon
Carbon Offset Value 314,475kg
Mobile phone icon
38.2 Million
Equivalent of 38.2 million fully charged smartphones

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