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Total System Size:

Annual Generation:

PV Modules:
1,476 Trina 400w Modules

4 SolarEdge Inverters

Carbon Offset Value (annual):

The expert's choice: Emtec Energy develops Solar PV system for Glenmorangie

Emtec Energy demonstrated their expertise and commitment to safety when Glenmorangie chose them to develop a Solar PV system for their bottling facility. They won the competitive tender process and engaged in close consultation with Glenmorangie to determine the best approach to meet their energy needs. The team ultimately opted for SolarEdge inverters, which offer enhanced safety features and a superior monitoring platform.

Emtec Energy installed all the required components while maintaining strict safety protocols to ensure the safety of everyone involved. With excellent communication between both teams at every stage, the project was completed within budget and timeline expectations. The result is a secure solar energy setup that meets all of Glenmorangie's requirements while providing maximum efficiency benefits. This successful implementation serves as a compelling case study for companies considering solar PV system installation, showcasing Emtec Energy's expertise, commitment to safety, and efficient project management.

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The Glenmorangie Company were looking for a partner who would support us on our sustainability journey.   We chose Emtec as they were very strong on their “green” values, innovative ways of working and their past record of delivering a very high standard of project management.

The management of our solar project was excellent.    The planning, installation and go live support was second to none with a strong ethos of supporting the customer.   They caused no disruption to our operation and delivered the project on time and on budget.  I would highly recommend Emtec as a business partner.

Michael Scotland, Facilities & Projects Director, Glenmorangie



Environmental Impact

Tree icon
5,881 Trees
Carbon reduction equivalent to planting 5,881 trees grown for 10 years
Co2 cloud icon
Carbon Offset Value 96,42kg
Mobile phone icon
43.2 Million
Equivalent of 43.2 million fully charged smartphones

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