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Total System Size:

Annual Generation:

PV Modules:
347 Trina 400w Modules

1 Solis Inverters

Carbon Offset Value (annual):

MacLean's Solar Arrays Light the Way to a Sustainable Future

MacLean International a successful electrical wholesaler based in Aberdeen, partnered with Emtec Energy to install a Solar PV system that maximizes on-site solar energy use and reduces carbon emissions and energy costs. The installation was completed in three weeks and has enhanced MacLean's sustainability reputation, improved profitability, and delivered a solid return on investment. Emtec Energy's expertise in renewable energy solutions was instrumental in the success of the project and their ability to design, supply, install and commission the Solar PV system ensured efficient and effective completion.

This partnership highlights the value of investing in renewable energy and working with a reliable and experienced solutions provider. By implementing the Solar PV system, MacLean International has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and positioned itself as a socially responsible business, while also reducing operating costs and improving profitability.

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MacLean International





"During the installation, there was little or no disruption to the Warehouse team, and the tasks were well scheduled and completed on time. We will certainly use EMTEC again if we decide to roll this out to other sites."

Evelyn Urquhart, QHSE Manager, MacLean International



Environmental Impact

Tree icon
1,497 trees
Carbon reduction equivalent to planting 1,497 trees grown for 10 years
Co2 cloud icon
Carbon Offset Value 26,697kg
Mobile phone icon
11 million
Equivalent of 11 million fully charged smartphones

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