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St Mary's Car Park

Total System Size:

Annual Generation:

PV Modules:
528 Trina 400w Modules

2 SolarEdge Inverters

Carbon Offset Value (annual):

Greening the Urban Core: Sunderland's Sustainable Car Park Transformation

In partnership with Sunderland City Council, Emtec Energy has redefined this space, exemplifying our unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility. Together, we've seamlessly transformed the parking facility into a model of sustainability, embodying a steadfast commitment to eco-friendly practices within the business community.

Through meticulous planning, Emtec Energy identified suitable structures in the city and seamlessly integrated flexible solar solutions. Notably, St Marys, a pivotal public entity, embraced this transformative change, incorporating 528 Trina solar modules and 2 SolarEdge inverters to ensure both reliability and safety.

The impact has been substantial – Sunderland City Centre Car Park now annually produces an impressive 195,170kWh of green energy, effectively offsetting 43,942kg of carbon emissions. This achievement marks just the initial phase, as Emtec Energy remains dedicated to ongoing collaboration with Sunderland City Council, delivering additional sustainable projects within the framework of this acclaimed initiative.

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Sunderland City Council


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“Emtec Energy's dedication throughout the Sunderland Energy Storage and Efficiency Project for Sunderland City Council was very impressive. Emtec brought the project to life and deliver a greener future by supporting Sunderland City Council’s smart city and zero-carbon ambitions.”

Dave Cooper – Mechanical Building Services Engineer, Sunderland City Council



Environmental Impact

Tree icon
727 Trees
Carbon reduction equivalent to planting 727 trees grown for 10 years
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Carbon Offset Value 43,942kg
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5.3 Million
Equivalent of 5.3 million fully charged smartphones

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