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Total System Size:

Annual Generation:

PV Modules: 410 Longi 450w Modules

2 Solis Inverters

Carbon Offset Value (annual):

Agrico UK Harvests Solar Power with Emtec Energy

Agrico UK partnered with Emtec Energy to tackle rising operating costs and increasing carbon emissions. Emtec proposed the installation of a 200.9 kWp solar PV system on Agrico UK's store in Castleton of Eassie. This solution promised to generate 186,148kWh of clean energy annually while reducing carbon emissions by 40,390 kg per year. Emtec Energy worked closely with Agrico UK to design and install the solar array to meet their unique needs, significantly lessening their reliance on the grid, decreasing operating costs, and reducing their carbon footprint.

The installation of the solar PV system has enabled Agrico UK to enjoy the benefits of sustainable energy, including reduced energy bills and a better reputation as a socially responsible business. The partnership with Emtec Energy has not only helped Agrico UK achieve its sustainability goals but also drive growth and profitability, making it a wise business decision.

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Agrico UK




Castleton of Eassie



Environmental Impact

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2,449 trees
Carbon reduction equivalent to planting 2,449 trees grown for 10 years
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Carbon Offset Value 40,390kg
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18 million
Equivalent of 18 million fully charged smartphones

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