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Solar PV Framework in Aberdeenshire

Client: Aberdeenshire Council

Project: Aberdeenshire Schools Solar PV Framework

Contract Value: £530,000

Total Installed Capacity: 591.03kW

Emtec Energy was appointed as Aberdeenshire Council’s Principal Contractor to install 591.03kW of Solar PV across 14 council owned properties consisting of Primary and Secondary Schools. The project began in October 2017 and was completed in April 2018 and is expected to produce an annual yield of over 477,000 kWh, preventing over 255,000 kg of CO2 emissions per annum.

Our Design Engineers carried out detailed surveys on all sites, ensuring they were suitable for PV deployment and ‘sense-checking’ the original design.  As a result of this process our team identified several opportunities to improve on the original design and product specification which eventually led to the client saving in excess of £200,000 over the span of the framework. 

As well as reducing energy spend and their impact on the environment, Aberdeenshire Council was eager that the Solar arrays served as valuable educational tools for their pupils.  This presented Emtec Energy with an excellent opportunity to publicly display elements of the array and deploy an inverter monitoring system which teachers regularly access and integrate in to their curriculum. 

Site Specific Case Study

Location: Mill O’Forest Primary School

System Size: 49.95kW

Approximate Annual Yield: 41,493kWh

Annual CO2 Reduction: 48,826kg

Emtec Energy were contracted to install a 49.95kW Solar Photovoltaic system for Mill O’Forest Primary School in Aberdeen. This included the design, installation and maintenance of the PV system, which was completed in November 2017.

The system is comprised of 185 JA Solar 270W PV modules, generating an annual expected yield of 41,493kWh based on PVSol modelling of the array and site location.