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North Ayrshire Council

Energy Monitoring and Solar PV Framework


Emtec Energy were appointed Principal Contractor to install 1.4MW of solar PV across a portfolio of Council owned properties, primarily Primary Schools, in North Ayrshire.  This project began in August 2014 and was completed ahead of schedule in November 2015.

The scope of works included the design, installation and maintenance of Solar PV systems along with bespoke remote online monitoring for each site.

Our Design Engineers carried out detailed site surveys on 28 sites and produced individual feasibility studies for all properties. Using PV Sol Professional solar PV modelling software our Design Engineers published detailed reports including annual yield (kWh), CO₂ reductions (kg) and 3D modelling of the property.  The FIT rate, the electricity rate and the system costs for each site were included into each design report for an accurate graphical return on investment to be produced.

As the design developed, we were tasked with developing and incorporating a bespoke real-time energy monitoring solution, including an on-site weather station. The online monitoring was installed on all sites of the framework allowing the client to remotely login to each site and monitor system performances. This is not only a convenient way of monitoring each system remotely, it is also used as a powerful educational tool where pupils can use the information from their own school’s system to learn about renewable energy technology and the environment. This allows the children to connect online, understand its carbon footprint, renewable generation and will assist in teaching renewables within the curriculum.

Although Ayrshire schools will be utilising the information, it is available to other schools out with the Council's area. This further expands the benefits of the system by allowing more children to understand the importance of conserving energy in the home.  As well as online monitoring, an LCD display is positioned in the foyer/reception area of each site displaying the read outs of the solar photovoltaic system, making everyone aware of the positive effect the systems are making to the facilities.

Site Specific Case Study

Irvine Royal Academy


North Ayrshire Council wanted to reduce its carbon footprint by increasing its use of self-generating renewable power and Emtec Energy provided a tailor-made solution. The 250kW solar array, which covers about 2,000sqm, is the largest to be installed on a school in Scotland and the array is now generating enough clean, green energy to power over 40 domestic properties*.  

Due to the sheer size of the project and the fact that the installation would take place during the school term, we were presented with several challenges to overcome from the beginning.

Our design team were tasked with designing a system which would significantly reduce the schools high demand on the grid by maximising the available roof space and potential grid connection.

Detailed site surveys were then carried out to ensure that the proposed designs could be implemented into a fully functional and highly efficient system. 


*Based on the typical UK annual power usage of 4,600kWh

Project Statistics

Solar PV roof mounted installation

Panel Type

1000 UpSolar 250W Solar PV Modules were used for this installation

Royal Irvine Academy North Ayrshire Samil Power Inverters

Inverter Type

8 Samil Power DC/AC Inverters, rated at 30kW and 25kW were used for this installation

Roof mounted solar PV installation

Mounting Structure

This project includes an On-Roof mounting technique, located on two flat roofs of the school at a pitch of 12 degrees

Energy monitoring system

Monitoring System

Online monitoring set up in the foyer/reception area and visible to pupils, staff and visitors