Glasgow University GLaSS Building Solar PV Installation
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Glasgow University: GLaSS Building

Solar Roof Tile Installation


Glasgow University were going through a re-development of the Garscube Estate, most significantly the new MRC and GLaSS buildings. The client wanted to reduce their carbon footprint by installing solar technology on the Garscube Learning and Social Space (GLaSS) building without upsetting the physical appearance of the slate roof. Emtec Energy were appointed to find a solution.

During the design stage of the project it was decided to use Solar Century C21e Solar Roof Tiles. This slate system delivers universal compatibility with natural and fibre cement slates and an excellent performance per m2, providing a perfect complement to a traditional slate roof.

200 tiles were integrated within the roof alongside the standard tiles, blending in with the colour of the slate.  The array is located on the south facing roof and fitted with a 9kW SMA Tri-Power 9000TL DC/AC Inverter. Overall, the solar PV system has a total installed capacity of 10kW which should generate an annual expected yield of 7,331kWh, based on PVSol modelling of the array and site location.

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System Details

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In Roof Solar Tiles

Panel Type

200 x Solar Century C21e Solar Roof Tiles

SMA DC/AC Inverters

Inverter Type

1 x SMA Tri-Power 9000TL Inverter

Solar PV In Roof Mounting Structure

Mounting Structure

Integrated into the south facing slate roof