Bupa Care Homes Solar PV Installation
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Bupa Health Care

Solar PV Framework


Emtec Energy were appointed Principal Contractor to install 2MW of solar PV across a portfolio of BUPA Care Homes in the North of England and Scotland. The project started in December 2014 and involved 42 individual care homes with varying levels of security. The Client’s main focus on this framework was to reduce the carbon footprint across their energy hungry properties.

Our Design Engineers carried out detailed site surveys on all sites and produced individual system designs for all properties. Using PV Sol Professional solar PV modelling software our Design Engineers published detailed reports including annual yield (kWh), CO₂ reductions (kg) and 3D modelling of the property.  The FIT rate, the electricity rate and the system costs for each site were included into each design report for an accurate graphical return on investment to be produced.

Site Specific Case Study

Newcarron Care Home


The 104kW solar PV system installed at Newcarron Care Home in Falkirk is the largest of its kind on any care home in the UK.  The system comprises of 400 Canadian Solar 260W modules spread across seven elevations (see Figures 5-8 below).  The arrays are connected to five internally installed Fronius Symo 3-phase solar inverters and produces an approximate yield of 81,116kWh and CO₂ reductions of 40,038kg annually.

The main challenge for our installation team was not only the height of the building, but the exposed location.  With the surrounding area consisting of low vegetation, such as grass, and isolated obstacles, such as trees and small buildings, our installation team were exposed to high winds on a regular basis.  As a company standard, all Site Supervisors are equipped with hand held anemometers to consistently monitor wind speeds on site.  If wind speeds reached or exceeded 21 MPH, then all work was halted and only resumed when it was deemed safe to do so by the Site Supervisor.

During this installation, there were two occasions when external roofing works were stopped due to high winds.  Our installation team overcame much of the disruption and avoided considerable delays by focusing on internal works, including internal wiring and inverter installations.  After work resumed, additional labour was called upon for all external work to be completed in time, including the commissioning and installation, as a reduction to the Feed-in Tariff was fast approaching.  It was of paramount importance that our installation team not only worked efficiently and in line with the Programme of Works, but with great consideration given to residents and Nursing Staff.

When commissioning the system, a shutdown of the facility’s electrical supply was required and this was carried out after discussions with Care Home Senior Management. The work would then be carried out at an agreed time suitable for residents preventing disruption to their daily routines.

Thanks to all the team at Emtec for delivering multiple projects in our tight timescales. The installations look very professional and have made a huge contribution to our carbon reduction targets.

Andy Kavanagh MRICS, Bupa

Project Statistics

System Details

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Bupa Care Homes Solar PV Installation

Panel Type

Canadian Solar 260W Poly Modules

Bupa Care Homes Fronius Inverter

Inverter Type

Fronius Symo 3-phase solar inverters

Bupa Care Homes Solar PV Installation

Mounting Structure

The array is located on the south facing roofs at a pitch of 20 degrees