Solar thermal tubes

Solar Thermal

Cover your buildings heating requirements with power from the sun

Solar water heating systems capture heat energy from the sun and convert this for use around your building. This is provided through solar thermal panels which are best fitted to your roof, however can also be installed on the ground assuming the area is free from obstructions.

As solar thermal installations depend on heat from the sun, they can provide most of your heating and hot water requirements between April and September. Although thermal energy is less effective in the winter, it can still provide significant input towards heat demand which can contribute to alternative heating connections.

Solar Thermal energy systems provide a versatile and truly renewable energy solution that can be implemented into or assist existing renewable energy systems.


Why Choose Solar Thermal?


The Cost of Solar Energy:

Solar power is one of the best forms of renewable technology to produce heat energy, due to the cost and simplicity of an installation. However, the overall cost can depend on a variety of factors, including the:


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How Solar Thermal Works


Solar radiation from the sun is absorbed through a collector within the solar thermal system


The collector heats up a fluid within the panels to store the energy



The tubes transport this heat energy to a water-heating system, to be stored and used around the building


Heating and hot water is supplied throughout the day from the storage facilities, if this runs out the energy is imported as normal

Solar PV module

Good for business. Good for the environment.

Solar power offers a much cleaner, greener way to produce heat energy. Unlike fossil fuels, it is kind to the environment. Installing such a system won’t only do wonders for your energy bills, it’ll do wonders for the environment too.

Financial Incentives

Financial Incentives

You may be eligible for Solar Thermal incentives, read more about the Renewable Heat Incentive and First Year Allowances.

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