Financial Incentives

Self Funded

By fully funding the development of a Solar PV system, clients will fully benefit from the savings and enjoy total control of the system.  We will engage with you directly to ensure we design the most efficient, cost-effective system which will deliver maximum return on investment.


The Return on Investment for a self-funded Solar PV system will vary from site to site and depends largely on how much of the generation you can self-consume, and how much you pay for your electricity.  We can assess this for you quickly following the initial consultation. 



Benefits of Self Funding

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Control your Generation

Wholly owning your system means you can do with generation as you wish; Consume it on-site, store it in a battery or export it to the grid.

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Maximise your Returns

Get the maximum benefit from the system’s generation for its entire lifetime.

Future Proof your Business

By installing wholly owned on-site generation you are protecting your organisation from volatile energy markets for decades to come.

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Reduced CO2

Reduce carbon emissions and fuel costs by switching your company to an EV fleet

Financial Incentives


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