Financial Incentives

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are long-term agreements between your business and a funder, who pays for all aspects of the Solar PV installation.  Solar PPA’s usually last 20-25 years and provide benefits to both parties throughout the agreement.


If your business has high electricity demands and suitable physical space but you don’t want to invest your own Capital in a Solar PV system, then a Solar PPA may be the right solution for you. Through this agreement, we would install renewable technology free of charge and would guarantee cheaper rates of electricity throughout the whole agreement. This installation also covers all maintenance costs so there are no upfront fees or hidden costs to you.


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PPA Benefits

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Cheaper Rates

As the installation is on your roof or land, you will have access to rates that are cheaper than your current energy supplier

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Energy Efficiency

Having this installation on your property will allow you to meet your energy efficiency requirements set out in the building regulations act

Free System

Through a PPA, you are gifted with a fully maintained, renewable system for free

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CO₂ Reduction

As the system is installed using renewable technology, you will be contributing to significantly reduced CO₂ emissions

Financial Incentives


Power Purchase Agreements are available when you install selected renewable technologies, read more about Solar PV, Solar Thermal and CHP.

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PPA Eligibility

If you are financially stable, currently paying 10.5p or more per kWh of electricity, and looking to generate electricity on a commercial scale (larger than 250kW), you may be eligible for a Power Purchase Agreement. Speak to us today if you meet these criteria.