Fronius Lease

Installing Solar PV allows you to achieve immediate savings by producing your own green electricity, but with a considerable initial investment required and payback period that could take years, this has often led to companies considering the investment, but putting it off or deciding against it entirely. This is where leading solar inverter manufacturer, Fronius, has a solution. With their short and unique leasing model it is possible to achieve huge savings from day one, with zero upfront investment. Unlike Power Purchase Agreements, this model simply allows you to lease the equipment required to generate your own green electricity over a 15-year period.

Have you done enough to reduce building energy overheads? Fronius Renewable Energy Solutions discuss how you can reduce them even further and protect your organisation from future price hikes for years to come with the option of ownership thereafter.

Specialising in the highly efficient and intelligent conversion and control of energy for over 70 years, Fronius has partnered with Emtec Energy to deliver financial savings, carbon reductions and energy independence.

Throughout the duration of the lease, the monthly fixed payments will be lower than the cost of that same electricity if purchased from the energy supplier at today’s rate kWh for kWh. (This is based on consumption remaining as per the original calculations in the quote and the accuracy of data provided to us). This enables you to make huge savings from the outset and protects you against increasing energy prices for years into the future. Furthermore – there is a production guarantee for the duration of the contract. This means that if the system produces less than guaranteed, a reimbursement will be issued for the under performance – a risk-free arrangement.


More about Fronius

Headquartered in Austria and established almost 75 years ago, the technology company has over 1,200 granted patents and over 3,800 employees worldwide. In the UK, Fronius has a large technology centre in Milton Keynes that houses their warehouse, tech support team, classrooms, product showroom and offices. The vision of the company is ‘24 Hours of Sun’ – with the goal to create a future where 100 per cent of the energy needs of the planet come from renewable sources.

Dedicated to building products that will last a lifetime in the harshest conditions, all Fronius products go through extensive tests. Its high standards have named them quality leader in solar electronics since 2002.