Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring

Control your energy costs with real-time energy monitoring

Energy monitoring equipment allows you to visualise your energy usage and carbon emissions in real-time. Energy monitors can benefit businesses by helping to monitor energy costs and promote energy efficiency, and with the ability to access your data online, you can view energy consumption levels and much more from anywhere in the world.


Renewable Energy Monitoring

You can measure the effectiveness of your renewable technology and get real insights into cost savings and CO2 reductions with energy monitoring equipment. This can assist in environmental changes or commitments or even showcase your green credentials to stakeholders.

With the ability to add extra equipment, such as weather stations, you can compare expected yield with actual yield, providing more accurate and detailed findings. This also allows you to monitor for any inconsistencies or under performance to ensure your technology is running smoothly.


Public Displays

Depending on your circumstances, a public display may also provide additional benefits. Showcasing your renewable technology to the public can demonstrate your corporate social responsibility, and these commitments to environmental responsibility could reflect on your brand image.

Public monitoring displays can also be used for educational purposes, for example in the education sector. Our energy monitoring devices offer diverse options for customisation, from showing which statistics to display, to adding your own logos and images.


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The Benefits of Energy Monitoring Devices

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Online Monitoring

Review your monitoring system anywhere in the world with online access

Reduce Bills

Understanding when to use high energy appliances reduces the need to import energy from the grid

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Monitoring is available on a wide range of renewable technologies

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Various options are available depending on the size and complexity of the system

Green Energy

Good for business. Good for the environment.

Energy monitoring gives you more control over your energy consumption. Installing such a system won’t only do wonders for your business, it’ll do wonders for the environment too.

Additional Benefits of Energy Monitoring:

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