St Ninian's Solar PV and Ground Source Heat Pump Installation
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St Ninian's Primary School

Solar PV and GSHP Installation


St Ninian’s Primary School wanted to reduce CO₂ emissions by sourcing their electrical and heat energy from renewable technology. Emtec Energy provided a turnkey solution through the installation of a solar PV system and a ground source heat pump, comprised of the supply, delivery, erection, connection and testing of all materials and equipment.

The solar PV system has a total installed capacity of 17.68kW. This should generate an annual expected yield of 14,736kWh, based on PVSol modelling of the array and site location. The array is located on the south facing roof and comprised of 68 Canadian Solar 260W Solar PV Modules connected to a 17.5kW Fronius Symo DC/AC Inverter.

The works for the 100kW ground source heat pump involved below ground bore holes, below ground pipe work, below ground manifolds, internal pipe work, electrical wiring and commissioning of the GSHP system. The installation consists of two Dimplex Si50 50kW heat pumps located on site, connected to the underground pipes through nine bore holes with a depth of 200 feet. The pipes run externally underground and enter the property through the ground in the plant room.

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St Margaret's Solar PV

Panel Type

68 x Canadian Solar 260W Solar PV Modules

St Margaret's Fronius Solar Inverters

Inverter Type

1 x Fronius Symo 17.5kW DC/AC Inverter

St Margaret's Solar PV and Ground Source Heat Pump Installation

Heat Pump

2 x Dimplex Si50 50kW Heat Pumps