Port Glasgow Solar PV and Solar Thermal Installation
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Inverclyde Council: Port Glasgow Shared Campus

Solar PV and Solar Thermal Installation


Emtec Energy were employed to oversee the design, installation and commissioning of a solar PV, solar thermal and heat pump system, including a live monitoring solution for Inverclyde Council’s Port Glasgow Shared Campus.

The 50kW solar PV system comprises of 200 Canadian Solar 250W panels split between three DC/AC Inverters. The inverters installed are two SMA 17kW inverters and a SMA 10KW inverter. This system is located on two separate roof areas and generates 42,241kWh per annum.

The 52kW solar thermal system is comprised of 18 Kingspan Thermomax panels, including a Heat Dissipation unit which will allow any excess heat to be extracted within the system, particularly during the summer months when the load is likely to be reduced and solar gains likely to be higher. Incorporated within the system is a Kingspan Solar thermal pump and controller to allow the system to circulate heat when certain levels are reached. This will allow for maximum efficiency between heat generation and temperature. This solar thermal system is due south facing located on the roof of the sports block, contributing to a system generation of 31,607kWh per annum.

The installation also catered for a bespoke monitoring solution, utilising a fully animated graphics dashboard. This displayed data such as energy monitoring, carbon offset, weather conditions, solar radiation and wind speed.  The system is comprised of a roof mounted Logic Energy weather station, solar PV generation meter, solar thermal RHI meter and a biomass boiler RHI meter. However, it was also connected to the mains electrical supply, mains gas supply and mains water supply to provide a full overview of energy usage throughout the entire building. We then assisted in developing a tailored school web portal ensuring the council and students had access to use the installation as a learning tool.

Project Statistics

Canadian Solar PV Module

Panel Type

200 x Canadian Solar 250W Solar PV Modules

SMA DC/AC Inverters

Inverter Type

2 x SMA 17kW and 1 x SMA 10kW DC/AC Inverters

Kingspan Thermomax Solar Thermal Modules

Thermal Panel Type

18 x Kingspan Thermomax Solar Thermal Modules

Energy Monitoring

Monitoring System

Logic Energy weather station, solar PV generation meter, solar thermal RHI meter, biomass boiler RHI meter and a fully animated graphics dashboard