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HALO Hub Kilmarnock

The HALO Hub project is the first phase of a planned 28-acre regeneration of the former site of the Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky facility in Kilmarnock and will provide an exciting environment for digital, manufacturing, and cyber services.  The vision for HALO is to be the first town-centre net zero carbon energy project in Scotland, a “Community Urban Village” setting the standard for low carbon energy sites across the UK.  The HALO’s transport system will lead the way in smart energy solutions including e-mobility clubs, electric buses, cars, vans, and e-bikes, with electric chargers located throughout the site.  

Emtec Energy designed, supplied & installed various low carbon technologies as part of the Green Economy Fund Phase 1 works at HALO Hub in Kilmarnock.  


Summary of Service

Roof-mounted Solar PV array

Solar PV Car Port

EV Chargers

E-Bike Chargers 

Battery Storage System (EESS)

Energy Management System (EMS)




Roof-mounted Solar PV System
The rooftop Solar PV system comprises 107No. Solar PV modules which shall generate an estimated annual yield of 36,225kWh. 2No. three phase inverters each located internally.  The solar panels are mounted on the flat roof area via mounting frames, designed and installed by Emtec Energy.



Solar PV Car Port
The Solar PV Car Port system comprises 75No. Solar PV modules which shall generate an estimated annual yield of 24,557kWh based on modelling of the array and site location.  The car port structure is a BlueTop Canopy with LED lighting installed. 


EV Charging Points
In total 6No. EV chargers were installed on site, comprising:
• 1No. 50kW Rapid Charger
• 4No. 22kW Dual Socket Chargers
• 1No. 22kW Single Socket Charger




E-bike Charging Points
In response to the growing number of electric bikes in the UK, 10 EV bike chargers were installed underneath the bike shelter. The charging stations enable electric bikes to be charged when away from home. Each charging point includes a secure, water-resistant housing for removable batteries and a locking point for bikes.




Electrical Energy Storage System (EESS)
The containerised EESS was installed and commissioned adjacent to the main building. The containerised solution consists of a 50kW inverter/charger connected to 27x 5.7kWh battery modules. The battery modules are stacked in racking systems to reduce the overall system footprint of the 10ft container. To ensure the safe operation of the system, the container is also equipped with a HVAC and fire suppression system.


Energy Management System (EMS)
Our installation team connected the EESS to a Monitoring Platform to enable real-time remote monitoring.
The EMS displays the following information in real time to monitor the system's performance:
• PV – Electrical generation by PV
• Load – Electrical consumption
• Battery – battery storage level
• Grid Export – energy exported back to grid
• Grid Consumption – energy taken from grid (off-peak charging of battery)


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Project Summary